Water bottle speaker, foldable Li-on battery: Quirky gadgets to watch out for at CES 2019

As tech giants like Google, LG, Samsung, Intel, AMD and Asus gear up to take centre stage at CES 2019, consumers are in for quite the treat. While not all companies have the ability or resources to make a big splash at CES 2019, certain quaint startups are more than capable of impressing with their innovative, strange, weird and out of the box gadgets.

Water Bottle Speaker

Yes, a water bottle now doubles as a Bluetooth speaker courtesy of AQUIO. The AQUIO water bottle or Bluetooth speaker (we’re not sure what it’s called) is powered by a lithium ion battery and offers up to 8 hours of playback time on a single charge. This bottle-speaker is double wall insulated, BPA free and IP67 certified water and sand proof.

Foldable lithium ion Battery

Whether you call it innovative or wacky, the foldable smartphone is all but here. J.Flex have also decided to take a shot at a wacky innovation with their flexible lithium-ion batteries. The J.Flex battery can be rolled to meet the requirements of foldable phones and wearables, or so we’re told. And although J.Flex already presented at previous editions of the Consumer Electronics Show, we can wait to see what bendable gadget they have in store for us this time out.

Warm, Cold Bracelet

Developed by MIT scientist, this gadget has no business being on a list of wacky gadgets, yet here it is. The Embr Wave Bracelet is a wearable gadget that straps onto the wrist and can keep its wearer hot or cool. Hot or cool, what? This bracelet utilises thermoelectric technology coupled with algorithms to produce temperature waves. To put it simpler terms, the Embr Wave delivers temperature sensations in the form of waves to make the body feel warmer or cooler. All settings of the bracelet can be controlled from the Embr Wave mobile app.

Ghost Driving Assistant

When you’re at CES, hearing about self-driving cars doesn’t really develop that much excitement. What about a holographic car assistant? EyeDrive allows you to see your navigation, music and calls directly on your windshield and is the first of its kind holographic car assistant. EyeDrive helps you navigate music and contacts with simple hand gestures.