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Delhi interior designer Nitin Kohli’s three-pronged approach

Nitin Kohli interior design

Delhi-based interior designer Nitin Kohli infuses fresh ideas into his design concepts. An example of his creative mindset is his new interior project, launched in Delhi under the banner Nitin Kohli Home (NKH).
NKH establishes its idea of stylish urban lifestyle indoors with three new interior concepts – Condo, Conversations and Pillow Talk. “The condo has a ‘solo traveller’ theme of a free spirit running through the concept, with travel memorabilia and mementos woven into the décor.

The layout of NKH Conversations gives you extensive freedom to plan your kitchen the way you want with a variety of customisable units,” Kohli informs.

It is for the very first time that the Kohli has ventured into designing kitchens. For him, kitchens have evolved into a living space plus an entertainment zone. And Pillow Talk is the comfort zone where you can hold a private conversation with your loved ones. “The comprehensive design system is about flexibility designed to define the space.”

NKH also features an in-house design centre, with an area dedicated to stone works, metal works, fabric department, soft furnishings and glass works.

Through his designs, Kohli wants to keep the functional aspect of interiors intact. He aims  to transform spaces into great places to live where well-being is paramount.

“So we are offering more accessible interiors without jeopardising the foundational creativity,” he adds.