20 Upcoming Cultural Festivals In India That You Can Attend In 2020

Want to attend some of the biggest festivals in India this year? Here is a list of upcoming festivals in India that you can mark on your calendars and attend if you wish to do something exciting in 2020. You’re welcome. 1. Delhi Comedy Festival Date: 3rd January 2020 Location: Kamani Auditorium, Delhi   If […]


How Your Company Can Prevent A Failed Marketing Technology Investment

For the last year, one service that I’ve been ramping up and getting a ton of traction on has been corporate workshops. Most of the companies I work with have an established marketing technology (martech) stack but are struggling to realize the return on investment. At two different companies, the contracts were signed, the licenses […]


Why Mobile Marketing Can Be Big For Your Business, And How To Use It

When it comes to marketing, brands always want to know what’s new and what’s next. One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is: “What should we be doing (or thinking about doing) to reach our customers?” As the vice president of marketing for a marketing technology company, I’ve spent the better part of two decades […]


AI Is Changing Global Leadership—This Hong Kong MBA Can Help You Adapt

Last year, it was reported that the Chinese government had started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make diplomatic decisions. To some, this might be a sign of a bleak future where real people are at the mercy of robots. To others, however, it is a sign of the increasingly important role that AI is playing in management—and […]

Heart Disease

This novel method can help in predicting fatal heart disease

The findings, published in JAMA Cardiology, showed that for patients without any history of heart disease and at low-risk based on traditional clinical criteria, those with an abnormal CMR scan were 3.4 times more likely to die compared to patients with a normal CMR scan.(Shutterstock) A novel method called stress cardiac MRI can not only […]


How you can use options to make profit during festival season

Option writing is a trade that requires both vigilance and diligence. We will discuss today how to embed option writing to your trade when it is compulsive to write options. This discussion becomes all the more important as we enter the season of festivals. How? Let me explain, more festivals = more trading holidays. Now […]


Dragon Fruit For Skin: Here’s How You Can Use The Beautiful Fruit To Get A Glowing Skin

Among the many exotic and colourful fruits, dragon fruit tops the list, and sure, it is a treat to the eyes as well. Not only is this fruit beautiful, but is also a storehouse of many health benefits. It comes packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, which can be beneficial for overall health and skin-related […]