Education should have received higher outlay

Disruptive innovation can change the face of education. Technology can make learning a fulfilling and rich experience Every year, as the government announces its annual Budget, the country anticipates big-bang reforms in various sectors. And when it does not happen, disappointment is natural. But, a desired change, especially in sectors such as education, and health […]


4 Famous MBAs Who Have Ruined The World

As you walk through the doors of Harvard Business School, on the crest which sits atop the building reads ‘Veritas’, the Latin word for truth. The word truth is recurrent through many business school and university mottos. The truth, however, can be bent, twisted, and even discarded. Whether for personal gain or for self-preservation, it’s not […]

Heart Disease

Overweight and obese kids likely to have similar heart disease conditions

Heart disease risks in overweight, obese kids similar.(Unsplash) Overweight and obese adolescents have similar increased risks of developing heart disorders, say researchers. “Until recently, overweight in adolescence wasn’t considered as important a risk as obesity for the development of cardiovascular disease. We found the risks to be similar in both cases,” said study lead author Vitor […]