What ails school education?

When I heard the finance minister’s speech during the Budget for 2020-21, I was excited about the emphasis she laid on education. My initial understanding of the allocation of more than Rs 99,000 crore made me believe that school education had finally been given the importance it deserved. However, it soon turned into disappointment. I […]


VIDEO: MBA Entrepreneur—Gerhard Grueter, London Business School

In the London Business School library, in between lectures and preparing for his classes, Gerhard Grueter was busy setting cogs in motion to start his own business, Lawson Conner, which provides regulatory infrastructure and compliance for financial companies. In our MBA Entrepreneurs video, Gerhard reveals the story behind Lawson Conner, how he built it up from a […]


Why MBA: Yale School Of Management

Rakesh is using the MBA at Yale to enhance his skillset before returning to the nonprofit sector Rakesh Saha grew up seeing social and economic inequality in India on a daily basis. He developed a will to help others caught in the mire and was ultimately led to the nonprofit sector. He began that journey […]