Heart Disease

Young women who smoke face highest risk of major heart attack

Smoking increases both men’s and women’s risk of a major heart attack at all ages, but women smokers have a significantly higher increased risk compared to men, especially women under 50 years old, according to a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Despite the increased risk, smokers can reduce their risk to […]


4 Famous MBAs Who Have Ruined The World

As you walk through the doors of Harvard Business School, on the crest which sits atop the building reads ‘Veritas’, the Latin word for truth. The word truth is recurrent through many business school and university mottos. The truth, however, can be bent, twisted, and even discarded. Whether for personal gain or for self-preservation, it’s not […]

Interior Designer

Who Is Today’s SCAD Interior Design Student?

Savannah College of Art and Design is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month—which means that the school’s interior design program is also celebrating the big four-oh. As the industry has grown, so has SCAD’s program, with over 800 enrolled students currently working towards their interior design degrees—when the school was first founded, that number was two. By the […]