Keeping Up With The Ever-Changing Language Of Marketing

If the already strange language of marketing is splintered into even stranger dialects, how can people with different marketing disciplines communicate? What can be done to clarify some of marketing’s murky terminology? The Advertising Research Foundation has published what it hopes can serve as a definitive glossary. The ARF hopes its glossary “…will serve as a tool and […]


The problem with ‘skin-first’ beauty

When Glossier first came onto the scene back in 2010, it felt like the dawn of a new beauty age.  Founded off the back of Emily Weiss’s successful beauty blog Into the Gloss, the brand championed ‘skin-first’ beauty. That is, focusing on healthy skin and selling makeup and skincare products to accompany that (serums, balms, and cleansers), rather than […]


Private equity firms will get comfortable with small beauty brands in 2020

Faced with steep competition and record buyout prices for beauty brands, private equity firms will get more creative with their investment strategies in the coming year. Despite the indie beauty boom, there are currently few middle-market-sized companies available for sale, which pushes up prices and could potentially cause a pricing bubble. Recent, notable private-equity deals […]


How to future-proof yourself with the Global MBA

There are several arguments for why an MBA degree is still relevant – and as many for why traditional MBA programs need to be urgently reimagined. In a dynamic, tech-enabled labor market where learner needs are changing rapidly, a generalist business program no longer suffices. To stay ahead of the curve, young Indians aspiring to […]