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Motivation / May 18, 2020

Get your weight loss motivation back with these 9 steps.Let’s get one thing straight: being healthy isn’t just about the number on your scale. There are tons of other factors that affect your health besides your weight, and everyone is built differently. However, if being overweight is affecting your day to day life, sometimes weight loss is the goal. Unfortunately, even if you know how to lose weight, finding the motivation to actually make those healthier choices can be another story! Whether you’ve been in a rut for a few months or many years, we’ll help you find the weight loss motivation you need to finally make a change for YOU! Here’s how to get motivated to lose weight today.

1. Find Your Why

Weight loss motivation starts with figuring out why you really want to lose weight in the first place. Maybe it’s to to have more energy, to keep up with your kids, to lower your cholesterol, to live longer or to fit into your favorite pair of jeans! Find that “WHY” for weight loss, and remind yourself of it every single day. The clearer you can be about your reasoning, the more motivated you will be. Long term payoffs like disease prevention are great, but some people also need an immediate payoff.need a plan to lose weight? Think of how great you feel about your body right after a tough workout or a day of healthy eating—that can be your why, too!

2. Write Down Specific Goals

Studies show that makes you more likely to achieve them, so get out a pen and paper and get specific! How much weight do you actually want to lose? And how will you make it happen? Maybe your goal is to do cardio three times per week and strength train twice a week. Or maybe one of your goals is to eliminate all soda and sugary beverages from your diet. These are concrete goals that will help you lose weight. Tackling weight loss one goal at a time makes it more manageable and realistic, too.

3. Seek Out A Supportive Community

Passing on party foods or spending more time working on your health can be isolating and discouraging if your friends don’t understand. It’s scenarios like that can leave you saying “I have no motivation to lose weight at all!” You know what? Trying to pull yourself out of a rut and make positive changes can be a lonely journey sometimes. This is why finding a supportive, positive community is so important. Join a gym, enlist a workout buddy, hire a health coach, or join an online fitness community of other people who are putting a renewed focus on their health. It will motivate you to keep going even when you encounter challenges or setbacks!