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Motivation / July 5, 2017

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Part 1

Identifying Message and Audience
  1. Choose the topic you want to speak about. A motivational speaker can talk about how to be successful, happy, fulfilled and engaged in better relationships. No topic is really off limits as long as what you say inspires people to do something.
    • Think about your passions, and base your topic on something you feel strongly about. It will be hard to motivate others if you do not care much about what you are saying.
  2. Keep your message relevant and timely. Motivational speeches about how to use a typewriter or sell pay phones will not be well received in modern times.
  3. Become an expert. Your audience will expect you to know a lot about the subject of your motivational speech. Read, study and stay current in the field..
  4. Image titled Become a Motivational Speaker Step 2 Know your audience. Understand the people you will target as audience members before you get too far into the development of your career. Different groups of people need to be communicated with in different ways.

Part 2

Improving your Public Speaking Skills
  1. Take classes in public speaking. You can enroll in your local community college or see what the local Toastmasters have to offer. You want to be comfortable talking to large groups.
  2. Record your speeches. This will give you an opportunity to watch yourself as if you were a member of your audience. You can make improvements where necessary.
    • Pay attention to the details that will inspire motivation. You want to make eye contact, use proper body language and sound natural and motivational.
  3. Practice your writing. Most motivational speakers are also writers and they provide written materials to support their speaking engagements.Image titled Become a Motivational Speaker Step 3 Communication is the most important skill when you are a motivational speaker.
    • Write a blog, keep a website updated and publish articles when you have the opportunity. Continued writing will not only improve your motivational speaking skills, it will serve as good public relations.
  4. Think about props or equipment. Some motivational speakers have large screens, workbooks and PowerPoint presentations ready when they deliver speeches. Choose tools that you are comfortable with and provide additional support.

Part 3

Promoting Yourself
  1. Find a great venue. A motivational speech in a conference room or an auditorium will probably be better received than one delivered in your basement.
    • Make sure the venue is appropriate to the audience size. You want a feeling of intimacy, and a room too small will feel crowded while a place too large will feel empty.
  2. Develop a marketing plan. Advertise your motivational speeches, sell tickets for cheap or speak for free until you build your brand and publish all sorts of materials such as brochures, postcards, signs and e-newsletters.
  3. Register with speaker's bureaus and offer your services to conventions, conferences and seminars.
  4. Invite feedback. Listen to what your audience says and post your most positive reviews on your website and in your published materials.

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