Motivational tank tops that add that extra somethin

Motivational workout tank tops

Motivation / March 28, 2024

Women's Workout Apparel for Fitness Motivation.

Gain a little inspiration with your workouts with this shirt, "I Wear All Black When I Workout It's Like a Funeral for my Fat". Perfect for the Avid Runner!

These athletic racerback tank tops are SO light & flowy! They are made of a polyester, cotton, rayon & viscose blend that make them SUPER comfortable! I absolutely love running or lifting weights in these tops. Also, the A-line body and shearing at the racerback seam make these tanks fashionable enough to sport not only at the gym, but also when you're out and about shopping or running errands! A classy tank for everyday use!

Customized design or personalized requests are welcome & encouraged!

We use eco-friendly inks that are soft to the touch and screen-printing methods that are environmentally responsible!

SIZE CHART (shown in product images):

Small - Fit Sizes 2-4; Medium - Fits Sizes 6-8; Large - Fits Sizes 10-12; X-Large - Fits Sizes 14-16; 2-XLarge - Fits Sizes 18-20

*If you are in between sizes, please note that these shirts are sized somewhat larger than normal because they are "flowy", please be sure to keep this in mind when selecting sizes. If you prefer shirts that are more form-fitting order a size down. If you prefer shirts that are loose fitting, order a size up.*

SHIPPING/PROCESSING: All items are shipped via USPS. Normally, it takes anywhere from 2-5 business days for your order to be made and shipped out. Shipping is usually 2-4 days. We suggest ordering at least 2 weeks before your order is needed.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Turn tank top inside out. Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low. Do not iron directly over screen-printed area! Do not bleach/dry clean.

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