19 Ways to Trick Yourself into Working Out (When You Want to do

Losing motivation to work out

Motivation / September 2, 2022

Some guys can spend hours in the gym. You know the feeling: It doesn't matter what the weather's like, or how you're feeling, or even what you do once you're at the gym—you're there, doing the same old routine, grinding away.

And that's exactly the problem.

After a while, your old reliable workout program can start to feel less like a routine and more like a rut. Suddenly you've become a gym robot, soullessly going through the motions, as your progress stalls and your workouts start to feel like a chore instead of something you enjoy. And the worst part? You're not sure why.

But fear not, champ—help is on the way. Rejuvenate your program and start enjoying training again by addressing these five mental blocks that are holding you back.

1. You're doing the same old thing

Following the exact same workout program since high school is a bad idea. Let’s face it: Doing 3 sets of 10 all week, every week can only get you so far. And while humans are creatures of habit, lacking any innovation will dampen your progress and kill your motivation.

What you need is a a program incorporates slight variations from week to week. Instead of the usual 3 sets of 10—known as straight sets—try doing a varied set/rep scheme, which hits your muscles with varying intensities to stimulate more muscle fibers, or varying your approach to each exercise slightly. Here are three to try:

Ladder reps: These involve doing ascending or descending reps such as 5, 7, 9, 11 or 12, 10, 8, 6, respectively. The weight would be adjusted for each set to match the goal number of reps.

Pyramid reps: When pyramiding, reps can look like this: 12, 10, 8, 10, 12 or 1, 3, 5, 3, 1. A trainee who has been doing sets of 8 or higher for a long time will really notice strength gains when training with weights suitable to reps of 7 and below.

Grip Switch: Change your grip to stimulate and recruit your muscles differently. Instead of always doing chin ups (double under hand grip), try doing neutral grip (palms facing inward) or pronated chin ups (double over hand grip, known as a pull up). Instead of always doing bench press with a bar, give your shoulders a break by doing a neutral grip dumbbell bench press.

2. Your progress is stalled

This can start to feel like a self-fulfilling prophecy—and if you're not careful, it can lead to a vicious cycle: You're bored, so you make no gains, and that makes you discouraged, so you work even less.

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