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Motivation / November 6, 2023

Born with a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Lauren Bouffard (pictured on left above with her trainer) risked sudden death if she elevated her heart rate too high. The 31-year-old stayed in shape with yoga and strength training, but walking up steep hills was a challenge and running a mile was completely out of the question—until last year when she underwent surgery to receive a new heart.

Post-recovery, she set out to test its abilities, starting with indoor cycling, tennis, and barre classes, but running still proved difficult, so she built up her fitness level at SoulCycle. “The class is so much fun and so distracting that I didn’t focus on my heart racing, which gives me a lot of confidence. Each class is a mini-milestone for me, ” she says.

So was the completion of her first 5K (four months post-surgery), a 10K a year later, and a 35-mile bike race with one of her doctors. “A star student is someone who takes nothing for granted, puts fear aside, and makes the most of every opportunity to better herself. That describes Lauren perfectly, ” says Julie Dermer, one of her SoulCycle instructors in New York.

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