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Motivation / June 5, 2022

Music can be such a fantastic source of motivation. It’s almost like a waste not to use it! So why don’t we try to tap that powerful energy and use it as an energetic boost of motivation? In the following you can find a massive list of the most inspirational songs that are proven to be highly motivational. “But why is music so effective, ” you might ask. The reason why your favorite song can be such a great motivator lies in the fact that music is able to elicit positive emotions; it can stir a spirit of optimism, energize you and get you into that epic “I can do anything” mindset – if the songs are chosen wisely. (For even more motivation, be sure to have a look at our hand-picked selection of The Most Inspirational Movies Ever).

No matter if you need to get motivated for work or studying, search for pump up music for sports or songs that will simply inspire you to boost your creativity, the following list will offer you a huge variety of motivational songs, from all kinds of different genres. If you feel that my list is lacking your favorite motivational songs, please feel free to submit all of your favorite songs that boost your motivation via the comments section at the end of this article and I will make sure to include them into this list as well!

In the following you can find a collection of some of the utmost motivational songs and the best motivational music, separated into the categories Soundtrack Music, Pop, Hip-Hop & Rap, Classic, Rock & Metal and Techno & House. Hint: you should stay away from music that either creates sadness or tiredness, such as ballads and lounge music, as they won’t have a noteworthy motivational benefit. Feel free to skip to each section by using the following short-links.

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All right, let’s get started with this list. I hope you like it and even more important, I hope you find some amazing songs that allow you to boost motivation!

I. The Top 10 Motivational Songs

#1 Jorge Quintero – 300 Violin Orchestra

Some call it an epic song, others consider it to be “the best pump up song that ever existed“. But these are just notations, more important is what this song makes you feel. For me, it makes me want to get up, run around the block or do something productive/creative. Amazingly, it radiates a feeling of optimism and stirs the desire for heroic adventures. This song has everything an excellent motivational song needs: stomping drums, main strings accompanied by string hits and an epic choir rounded up with a supporting bass in the background. The song was featured in the introduction video of the first MLB game in 2009 and the ABC television series “Flash forward“.

#2 Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard – Hungry Hungry is not the typical song one expects in such a list. Tastes might differ on this combination of different music styles ranging from hardcore to rap and dubstep, but the song will definitely get you pumped up. If you’re looking for motivation, look no further. You can feel that there is a lot of passion behind the lyrics, which complete the aggressive, hard-hitting style of this song. The unique sound of the song makes an excellent addition to every workout mix.