How To Be Positive And Feel Happier On a Daily Basis

How to be positive and motivated?

Motivation / January 18, 2023

In life, there may be times when negativity seems to surround you, suffocating your dreams and destroying your hope. When that happens, many go through their day being saturated with negativity and accepting it as a way of life. While you can't always control what happens to you, you can control how you respond to it. Seek to create a positive environment for yourself and you'll begin to become more motivated to achieve your dreams and goals. Here are 10 ways to stay motivated through hard times:

1. Have an attitude of expectancy. You will get what you expect. Expect something great to happen for you every day and it will. Say aloud each morning to yourself in the mirror, "I expect something good to happen for me today!"

2. Take control over what you can, and stop worrying about what you can't. Some things are within your control, while other things are not. Learn to recognize the difference. Refuse to worry about circumstances beyond your control. Don't allow yourself to become so emotionally entangled that it paralyzes your progress. Things may not always work out perfectly, but the sooner you get over them, the quicker you move on to your next victory. Only you can control your own actions and reactions.

3. Read and listen to positive information. If you fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, it will keep you motivated. Go to the bookstore or library today and find at least one book on a positive topic that will give you a boost. You need constant reminders telling you that you are capable of achievement.

4. Be with positive people as often as possible. Negative people and conversations will have you focused on all the wrong things and may take your focus off of your goals. Seek out positive people and don't engage in negative conversations. Instead, choose to remain neutral or just don't participate at all. If you find yourself caught in the middle of a conversation that is going in the wrong direction, change the subject to something productive. Try saying something like, "I am focused on finishing this new project. I'm really excited about it." If you are stuck on the phone with a negative person, you could cut it short by telling them, "I have an important appointment/meeting/conference call in five minutes and I need to finish preparing for it now."

5. Speak positive affirmations. Words have a creative force. Regardless of what is going on around you, speak out loud what you want to happen. Write out an affirmation that you can say daily and put it up somewhere that you are sure to see it every day, like your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator.

6. Learn from your mistakes, instead of repeating them. We all make mistakes; the key is to learn from them and keep on moving. Conduct regular self-evaluations and examine how you handled situations and what you could do differently next time. Write down possible solutions and outcomes so when you are faced with a problem you can properly think through the best way to handle it.

7. Make a plan. There is a very popular saying: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." When you take time to plan, you allow yourself to think through the entire process from beginning to end. This can spark ideas, improve productivity and ensure a great outcome. Once you have a written agenda, you are immediately going to be motivated to accomplish it. Without one, you have nothing to run with and end up feeling stuck. Write out your to-do list the night before. Identify the three most important things that you must accomplish the next day and start with those first.

8. Celebrate accomplishments, whether big or small. Always take time out to celebrate. Rewards play a huge part in staying motivated. Reward yourself each and every time you reach a goal. It could be anything from throwing a party to taking a weekend away or treating yourself to a movie night. Just don't overlook it. Think about something you have recently accomplished and plan a way to celebrate it within the next 10 days. It can be as simple as going out for ice cream. Reward yourself - you are worth it!

9. Build a support team. Having the right team in place to help you is crucial to your success. You will be amazed at what you and your team can accomplish when you are all motivated and working toward the same goal. It is worth the effort to put the right support system in place. Make a list of some winning people in your circle that you can partner with, exchange ideas with and who can help you get things done.

10. Rehearse your victories. Oftentimes we forget how far we've come and the successes we've already accomplished. Designate a token of achievement that you can carry with you to remind yourself that you are a winner. It doesn't matter if it is big or small. Go back and look at your trophies, certificates, a special note of congratulations or anything that will keep you motivated when you are facing tough life moments.

An infectious, positive attitude can shift your entire life. Infusing your mind with positive thoughts will cause you to produce more positive results in your life. Right now you're getting as many opportunities as you think you can have. You're making just the amount of money you really believe you can. To break into making what you've only dreamed of and wished for, you must start thinking, believing and speaking like you're already worth that number! Purposefully infusing your life with a positive perspective will keep you motivated and eliminate all negative sources out of your life.

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