10 Reasons Why Some People Are Always Unmotivated

How to motivate an unmotivated person?

Motivation / March 15, 2024

Click Here!If you're frustrated in your efforts to elicit the best from each of your subordinates, chances are it's not that they can't be motivated, but that the wrong methods are being used to motivate them.

The secret is to package what you want from each individual in a way that makes them want to deliver for you. There are seven classic work styles, each of which is motivated differently:

  • Commanders, who need control
  • Drifters, who need flexibility
  • Attackers, who need respect
  • Pleasers, who need to be liked
  • Performers, who need recognition
  • Avoiders, who need security
  • Analyticals, who need certainty

Now here's how to use this knowledge to better motivate your staff.

Commanders: Results oriented, aloof, bossy and not terribly tactful, Commanders need to be in a position to take initiative. Delegate substantive assignments to them, and employ a hands-off management style.

Articulate the desired result, and then stand aside and let them figure out the "how to's". To motivate the Commander, link what you want them to do to how doing so will improve order, control, or results. Most importantly, understand that the Commander wants to be valued and validated for their ability to overcome obstacles, to implement, and to achieve results.

Drifters: Free spirited and easy going, disorganized and impulsive, Drifters are virtually antithetical to Commanders. They have difficulty with structure of any kind, whether it relates to rules, work hours, details or deadlines. To motivate the Drifter, delegate only short assignments, and ensure assignments have lots of variety. Provide as much flexibility as possible, including what they work on, where they work, with whom they work, and the work schedule itself. Drifters want to be valued and validated for their innovation and creativity, their ability to improvise on a moment's notice, and their out-of-the-box thinking.

Attackers: Angry and hostile, cynical and grouchy, Attackers are often the most demoralizing influence in the workplace. They can be critical of others in public, and often communicate using demeaning, condescending tones or biting sarcasm. Attackers view themselves as superior to others, conveying contempt and disgust for others. Granted, these folks aren't exactly the most loveable of employees, but you do need to be able to motivate them effectively. Start by identifying what they're really good at, and then put them in positions of using or imparting that knowledge in ways that don't require much actual interaction with others. Value and validate the Attacker for their ability to take on the ugly, unpopular assignments no one else wants to touch, and for their ability to work for long periods of time in isolation.

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