Motivation Remix Kelly Rowland

Motivation / July 27, 2023

Kelly Rowland - "Commander" featuring David Guetta. Courtesy Universal Motown

After the huge international pop success of their collaboration on "When Love Takes Over, " Kelly Rowland headed back to the studio with David Guetta while beginning work on songs that would ultimately result in the Here I Am album. The recording is in the vein of uptempo house music. It reached #1 on the dance club chart in the US and was a top 10 pop hit in the UK, her fifth there as lead artist. Fitness magazine named "Commander" one of the top 100 workout songs for 2010.

Here I Am was finally released in July 2011, more than a year after "Commander." On the heels of the success of the single "Motivation, " Here I Am soared to #3 on the album chart, the highest placing of Kelly Rowland's career. It also topped the R&B albums chart.

The accompanying music video for "Commander" was filmed by Japanese director Masashi Muto. The powerful visuals in the clip brought to mind classic work by Janet Jackson.

9. "Ice" featuring Lil Wayne (2012)

Kelly Rowland - "Ice" featuring Lil Wayne. Courtesy Republic

After their success collaborating on "Motivation, " Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne collaborated once again on "Ice, " a song about how to use ice on a naked body. The pair once again turn up the erotic temperature. Critics praised the pair for creating a worthy successor to "Motivation." However, some observers believed that the song was merely covering old ground even though Kelly Rowland's vocals remained strong. "Ice" was originally planned for the Talk a Good Game album, but it was left off the final track list. The song broke into the top 25 of the R&B singles chart in the US. R&B songwriter and producer Sean Garrett, responsible for nearly twenty #1 hit singles, co-wrote and co-produced "Ice."

8. "Dilemma" with Nelly (2002)

Nelly - "Dilemma" featuring Kelly Rowland. Courtesy Columbia

With Destiny's Child at the peak of their success, rapper Nelly asked Kelly Rowland to provide the female vocal for his song "Dilemma." It was the first major single she participated on outside of Destiny's Child. The chemistry between the pair turned into a massive pop hit. "Dilemma" quickly went to #1 on the pop singles chart in the US and many other countries around the world earning two Grammy Award nominations for Best Rap / Sung Collaboration and Record Of the Year. "Dilemma" spent ten non-consecutive weeks at #1 in the US being listed as the fourth biggest single of the year. It also topped the UK pop singles chart for two weeks.

The success of "Dilemma" caused a reshuffling of the release of the first albums by Destiny's Child members Beyonce and Kelly Rowland herself. The original plan included Beyonce releasing her debut in October 2002 to be followed by Kelly Rowland's album in 2003. Instead, the summer 2002 success of "Dilemma" prompted an October 2002 release of Kelly Rowland's debut Simply Deep followed by Beyonce's peaked at #12 on the album chart and earned a gold certification for sales.

7. "Kisses Down Low" (2013)

Kelly Rowland - "Kisses Down Low". Courtesy Republic

"Kisses Down Low" is Kelly Rowland at her most overtly erotic. It was released as the official first single from her album Talk a Good Game after "Ice" was left off the final project. The song raised Kelly Rowland's growing reputation for sultry, sexy songs following "Motivation" and "Ice." It was produced by hot rising producer Mike Will Made It. The song climbed inside the top 30 on the R&B singles chart and earned a gold certification for sales.

The album Talk a Good Game was designed to be Kelly Rowland's most personal to date and it was centered around the influence of such R&B greats as Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. She worked with a wide range of rising R&B producers and songwriters as well as veteran Rodney Jerkins. Upon release in June 2013, Talk a Good Game peaked at #4 on both the R&B and overall album charts.

Kelly Rowland - "Work". Courtesy Columbia

"Work" is a high energy track from Kelly Rowland's album second studio album Ms. Kelly. It was co-produced and co-written by Scott Storch. The vocal style is very similar to the work of Destiny's Child. "Work" was held back from being a single release in the US, but it became a top 10 pop hit in many countries around the world. With negative feedback from online comments, Kelly Rowland was concerned the song had little commercial potential until a Freemasons remix created new interest in the song. "Work" reached #4 on the UK pop singles chart.

The accompanying music video for "Work" was directed by Philip Andelman. It features Kelly Rowland and four dancers shot against a variety of colorful backgrounds.

5. "Like This" featuring Eve (2007)

Kelly Rowland - "Like This" featuring Eve. Courtesy Columbia

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