Motivational Videos For Students In Hindi

Motivational hindi songs for students

Motivation / October 14, 2022

Let me tell you that this really works. These songs constantly reminds me the reason for toiling that hard. These songs are specifically not for studies but surely boost you in your lows. Some of my favourites are :

1. "Yeh hosla" from the movie Dor.
(Rut yeh tal jaegi, himmat rang laegi, subha fir aaiegi..

2. "Hamko man ki shakti dena" . Its a prayer song.
(Doosro ki jai se pehle khud ki jai kare)

3. The title track of the movie "Chak de india".
(Tas hai na mas hai ji, zid hai to zid hai ji)

4. "Zinda" from the movie bhaag milkha bhaag.

5. "Roobaroo" from Rang De Basanti.

6. "Ashaaien" from Iqbal.
(Kuch esa karke dikha..khud khush ho jae khuda)

7. "Dil yeh ziddi hai" from Mary Kom.

8. "Aas pas hai khuda" from Anjana Anjani.
(Jab hoga andhera tb paega dar mera, us dar pe fir hogi teri subah)

9. "Jazbaa" from the movie Lady vs Ricky Bahl. (Inspiration can come from anywhere :p)

10. The title track of television series Mahabharat on star plus. This always reminds me about the competition and about my competitors who are working so hard out there plus I am very inspired by Mahabharat. This is my morning alarm. :p
(Hai katha sangram ki vishva k kalyan ki)
11. "Umeedo wali dhoop, sunshine wali aasha". Its a coka cola commercial.
12. "Climb" from Hannah Montana-the movie.
(There's always gonna be another mountain, I am always gonna wanna make it move)

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