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Motivation / December 21, 2021

group of teenagers laughing in a park“We know that this program is working and it's helping our students make those good choices and be aware of what's out there.”

— Tim Stowe
Chief Academic Officer, Torrance Unified School District

Group MI for Teens provides guidance on how to facilitate motivational interviewing (MI) interventions to groups of adolescents.

MI is a guided therapeutic approach that helps people think collaboratively about their motivations and commitment to change. To accomplish this goal, MI employs a variety of strategies, such as asking open-ended questions, giving reflections, and providing affirmations.

Group MI is an excellent fit for adolescents, because it engages them about their personal experiences, then validates those experiences while eliciting ideas about how adolescents can change and make healthy choices. Research suggests that this non-judgmental, empathic, and collaborative approach is ideal for youth. MI also works for youth who are at risk or come from disadvantaged or cultural-minority backgrounds.

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The site also provides the opportunity to earn continuing education (CE) credits, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about group motivational interviewing.

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