True Motivational Story in Hindi

Short motivational stories in hindi language

Motivation / July 31, 2023

3 Ghost Stories in Hindi Language - Indian Ghost StoriesAgle hi din mere papa ne dusra flat dhunda ur am dusre flat mein shift ho gaye. Uske baad se mujhe uss bhutni ka koi sapna nahi aaya. Lekin main usko aaj tak nahi bhul paya hu. Ghost Stories in Hindi

Picnic Par Bhoot (Real Ghost Stories)

Kuch saal pehle main, mera bhai aur uska dost hamare sehar se kaafi door ek sunsaan jagah par picnic bnane gaye hue the. Hum sab khana kha kar selfy le rahe the. Tabhi bhai ke dost ne kaha yaha pass mein ek jharna chai chalo waha jakar nahate hai. Ghost Stories in Hindi

Hum sab nahane ke liye jharne mein chale gaye and tino jane khub maje kar rahe the. Ki achanak mujhe mehsus hua ki koi mere paon pe apne hath ki ungliya ragad raha hai. M kaafi hairan hua or fir masti krne lag gaya. Hum sab jharne mein hide and seek khelne lag gaye. Ek ki baari aati to dusre dono paani mein hi chip jaate or saan rok ke andar hi ruke rehte, ek baar sirf 1 min tak hi hota tha. Agar na dikhe to dobara dyen deni hoti thi. Hum kahi baar isi tarah kehlte rahe.

Main achanak hi paani ke andar reh gaya mujhe 5 min ho chuki thi. Mera paani mein saans guth raha tha. M bahar nkalne ki bahut kosish kr raha tha. M nikal hi nahi paa raha tha. Mujhe mehsus wo raha tha jaise mujhe koi pakde hue h or jabardasti pani mein gehrayi ki taraf liye jaa raha hai. Achanak hi mujhe mere bhai ke dost ka hath touch hua jo ki ek acca swimmer tha. Usne jaise hi mujhe upar nikala m uspe badak gaya. Lekin baad mein mere bhai ne btaya ki tujhe isi ne bachaya hai. Hum dono tujhe dhund rahe the. Mere bhai ki aankho mein to laghbg aansu aa chuke the. Ghost Stories in Hindi

Fir hum waha se chale gaye or maien raste mein unhe sab kuch btaya ki koi tha jo mujhe pakad ke le jaa raha tha. Uske baad hum ghar chale gaye. M laghbhag bimaar rehne laga. Bahut si jagah par mujhe jhada ladwaya gaya. Ilaaj hue lekin kisi se koi farq nahi pada. Sabka kehna h ye koi sadharan nahi hai balki jin hai. Tab kahi dino baad humne ni wo selfy dekhi jo jharne mein click ki thi to dekha usme ek jawan ladki i parchayi thi. Puchne par pata chala yaha ek ladka dub ke mar gaya tha or ye uski premika hai jisne yaha aake sucide kiya tha. Ghost Stories in Hindi

Tab kahi jakar kar tantrik ne hamare sath uss jagah jakar havan kiya and mujhe uss se mukti dilayi. Lekin mujhe ab bhi sapne mein kahi baar wo najar aati hai. Or tantrik ne mujhe uss jagah jaane liye mana kiya hai.

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